About Us

Inspired Apparel is the product of three of my passions…God, fitness, and design.  At age 21, I was a Christian, a Division I athlete and an art major, and I had a hard time figuring out where I fit in.  It wasn't until God put this idea on my heart at age 28 (with the encouragement and support of my husband!) that I finally understood what He was planning for me…to weld all three together. 

So that’s what you’ll experience when you wear and spend time with Inspired Apparel!

GOD- Each piece of apparel I have designed is based on a piece of Scripture that has inspired me to overcome an obstacle. One time it was pride. Another time it was poor self-image.  Another was envy.  Whatever you may be facing, I hope that in wearing Inspired Apparel you are encouraged to use God’s truth and promises to help you overcome it. You are literally "putting on Scripture" to help you fight your battles....which Scripture calls us to do!

ATHLETICS – God wants our best. However you sweat, wherever you sweat…this apparel is designed to help you push yourself harder than you think you can.  Get motivated and get moving. In doing so, you are increasing your health and inspiring someone else along the way .

DESIGN- Inspired Apparel presents designs that are bold, simple and modern, with a focus on typography and alignment. Most designs are unisex, with a few specific designs for only men or only women.  You will also find comfortable fabrics, stylish fits, and durable apparel, because Inspired Apparel knows how important it is to feel good in what you wear.


 Wear the truth. Be inspired.


Love & Blessings,

Kory Cobb