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If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would start a business I would have laughed. If you elaborated and told me it would be a business showcasing God's word, I probably would have freaked out. I am not a gifted speaker, I am a better follower than a leader, and I am right-brained and creative. I couldn't run a business. It's true. But guess what? God doesn't call the equipped....HE EQUIPS THE CALLED. Without Him beside me the whole way, I would fail. I would quit. He put specific scriptures, songs, people and even strangers in my life at the perfect time to help me overcome whatever I was facing at the time. Fears of failure, a period of waiting, a lack of courage and humility, envy, questioning my worth...all overcome with His help. I have come to view my Lord not only as my friend and savior, but also as a business partner. The Bible is filled with stories on how God has equipped the called.


God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses made the case that he wasn't a good enough speaker to talk to Pharaoh. But oh, wait...his brother Aaron was. Boom...equipped.

David stepped up as a young boy to fight a giant named Goliath. He was more courageous than any of the soldiers that were already at the battlefield. Imagine their surprise as David took out the giant with a sling and a stone. Boom...equipped.

Paul, formerly a man who persecuted Christians, became a Christian after God revealed Himself to him. For preaching the good news, he was thrown in jail. But an earthquake shook the ground, the chains were broken and he walked out through a hole that had opened up in the wall. Boom...equipped.


So now it is time to launch the first part of what God put on my heart over a year ago. I am more equipped now than I was before and I will not stop learning and growing. I rely on Him DAILY to do this.


What in your life has He called you to do? Something crazy? Bold? Out of your comfort zone? If you YES to the call, I promise He will equip you. It's in His nature.


I want to personally welcome you to Inspired Apparel. It is my intention to provide apparel for you that will inspire you to do things you think you can't. To rely on God's strength and grace. And in turn, inspire others. Scripture is the greatest motivator, and I am honored to share the truth with you.


Love, Kory










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