#behindthetee: Chapter 1- Philippians 4:13

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All of my tees have very personal stories behind them, so I am starting this series as a way to connect with you and share WHY I have turned to these scriptures over the past few years. 

 Philippians 4:13 has always been a favorite of mine. It got me through several tough seasons in both high school and college. I was never very bold in my faith and lacking in any form of spiritual discipline, but this one was very personal, particularly because I was very goal oriented.

So in the original design, I wanted the word CHRIST to stand out. I didn’t want the focus to be on WHAT we can do or HOW MUCH we can do or how STRONG we appear. Because that puts the focus on ourselves! And from experience, I know that trying to do things on my own is like chasing after the wind.  All things point to Christ, and all the things we are able to do are for the glory of God.

So after I had designed and printed it, I called my photographer to schedule a shoot. I had no intentions of being in this photo shoot AT ALL. I had my two girls all ready to go, but for some reason I was missing the correct sizes for them and we were running out of time. Reluctantly, I stepped in. No surprise here, but God knew how much I needed to be photographed in that specific shirt that day. You see, I was actually pregnant with our fourth child during the photo shoot and did not know it. I remember my photographer, Violeta, was trying so hard to pull the shirt in different directions to try to cover what I thought was my normal belly “pooch”. She would take a few photos, check them out, and readjust my shirt some more. I can laugh about it now, of course!

There have been many times in the past 10 months since our baby girl was born that I have ONLY been able to rely on the strength of Jesus to make it through the day. She was colicky the first few weeks of her life, followed by a few weeks of postpartum blues for me. Then came SUMMER (and subsequently lots of boredom and whining). Fall baseball brought early dinners and late bedtimes 4 nights a week for the older three kids. And top it off with some inconveniently timed spiritual attacks on our family…it could have been a disaster for our family, marriage, and my sanity had I not kept repeating the scriptures that are on all my shirts.  

Now when I look back at this photo, I feel like God was caring for me and preparing me for what lay ahead. And I remember that I can do all things with His strength. What does this verse call you to remember? When did you get through something with His strength? 


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